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Writing Bartenders Wanted

Writing Bartenders Wanted

Why would a spirits, wine, and beer post writing bartenders wanted?

Creative bartenders should spend this time in history to build a personal brand. Liquid to Lips Marketing has invested heavily in technology that will serve bartenders with brands well when on-premise spirits, wine, and beer spending starts again.

What opportunities exist now?

Virtual events are significantly growing. Some agencies that served brands on key on-premise campaigns have been slow to navigate these new opportunities.

For the writing bartender, posting thoughtful content on our platform, opportunities will come. Brands are showing a willingness to support bartenders in creative ways.

How so?

Liquid to Lips Marketing is launching a Bartender Directory. Key features include personal profiles, links to the articles, videos, and posts that the bartender publishes.

Bartenders Wanted

The participating bartender will have the ability to link to their other profiles on the web and share their Instagram feed.

Most significantly, Liquid to Lips Marketing is building a series of the most entertaining real time virtual events on the web. True engagement with the real ability to network and connect on the web is our mission.

Many of these events will be wonderful opportunities for our featured bartender personalities to serve as PAID co-hosts for the events.

Subject matter experts in all categories of the adult beverage industry are desired.

We deliver unique value innovation to the spirits, wine, and beer supplier community and want to bring bartenders along for the ride.

Bartenders are the tip of the marketing spear and there is no other audience spirits and wine brands would rather hear from with their writing, videos, and creativity.

As a result of this street cred, we built technology that allows paying you for that hard fought influence. We make your experience more valuable.

If you’re interested in learning more prior to building a profile, hit up Co-Founder Sherman G. Mohr by clicking here or the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of the site.

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