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Would 150 Bottles Sold Next Month Matter to Your Craft Brand?

Would 150 Bottles Sold Next Month Matter to Your Craft Brand?

Seems like an obvious answer would come from this question. Would 150 bottles sold next month matter to your craft brand?

It doesn’t seem to matter to many online retailers this writer is contacting?

Shared Spirits is heavily involved in a significant new virtual (online) entertainment project involving spirits, music, and comedy. I’m seeking on behalf of the project interesting craft expressions of whiskey, rum, bourbon, tequila, and perhaps gin. American scotch types are an option as well.

The problem?

I can’t seem to get online retailers with the ability to ship to my future 150 plus monthly customers to respond to my inquiries.

What do you guys suggest I do to elicit a response to my inquiry?

I’m seeking a single contact person within the retailer.

I’d like to know there is a coupon code or some tracking mechanism associated with our orders.

We are ordering on behalf of our customers. It’s like a gift scenario in some ways.

In a perfect world, these online stores would also work out the purchase of sufficient supplies of a craft brand so we could showcase a variety of American craft spirits.

I’ve heard suppliers talk about this type of issue numerous times over the years. They do the selling and distributors deliver. In this case, I’m reselling a retailer’s inventory and can’t get one on the phone to discuss a long term relationship.

So if you know the answer to; “would 150 bottles sold next month matter to your craft brand, and you have the ability to be aggressive on the first order and have a shipping partner in place, I want to chat!

The audience will be shipped a bottle with their ticket purchase and experience it with your brand rep during our show.

They will be directed back to you for repurchase or the online retailer you’ve arranged to use.

Any thoughts from the audience? DM Sherman with recommendations!

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