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You May Want to Run a Virtual Cocktail Club?

You May Want to Run a Virtual Cocktail Club?

How do you grow influence, build connections, and reinforce relationships during COVID-19 and after? You may want to run a virtual cocktail club.

Many of us were doing networking luncheons, going to after work happy hours, and attending post workday networking events prior to March 2020. Those things are so 2019!

The networking world is more viable via virtual meetings than you may realize.

Liquid to Lips Marketing is a spirits, wine, and beer marketing company. We have been coordinating spirits, wine, and beer club type events for years. So, why would you want to run a virtual cocktail club?

If you ran events in the past that allowed people to connect at the bar or via a wine or cocktail or beer themed event, your audience may respond positively to your call to connect virtually.

You may have been a Meetup Organizer, Eventbrite user, or Facebook Group Coordinator. You were used to pulling together speakers, hosts, sponsors, and adding value to attendees.

We have a list of entertaining “Co-Host” with category specific experience. Brand connections and experts in the spirits, wine, and beer space are commonplace in our company. Our connections are key. If you may want to run a virtual cocktail club.

So how does it work?
Virtual Cocktail Club

We help coordinate the technology platforms that make all of this run for you.

We even help deliver marketing materials.

If you are conceiving a seminar, a panel, a one on one interview or a conference we have a platform ready to use.

It’s a tool we use ourselves and we’ll help you run it.

For organizers that are passionate about an online networking experience that truly connects virtual event attendees, we facilitate expert use of a tool that automatically connects attendees to new one to one video connections every five minutes during a virtual “cocktail party”.

We work with people interested in building a tribe around consistent spirits, wine, or beer related topics.

Short of that, we also work with individuals who also share or work in areas that are conducive to the spirits, wine, and beer consumer culture.

What kind of companies may benefit from this?

Obviously, spirits, wine, and beer suppliers are applicable. Other types of companies that could benefit from virtual community?

Restaurants, bars, record labels, distilleries, breweries, vineyards, nonprofits, influencers, chefs, bartenders, unions, employee groups, banks, chambers of commerce, associations, and typical zoom customers.

If at any point, you sponsored, supported, or planned an event after the work day, we would like to learn more about your work.

If there was wine was poured, a beer offered, or a cocktail shared, and networking with new connections took place; you should be learning more about what we do.

Schedule a chat if you think you have an idea. We want to talk with you and learn more about how our technologies may help you grow. Schedule that chat here.

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