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Three Ways to Grow Your Alcohol Beverage Brand in Nashville

Three Ways to Grow Your Alcohol Beverage Brand in Nashville

Three ways to grow your alcohol beverage brand in Nashville!

You know the answers already.

  1. You double down on growth with consistent in-store sampling.
  2. You sponsor events on-premise so incentives to new on-premise partners are immediately activated as a result of their bringing you onboard.
  3. You work with event pros who know how to feature your brand in ticketed and free events hosted by big Meetup organizers, event planners, and Brand Ambassador pros.

So the above list is obvious. The bigger questions are with whom and how will you accomplish these basics?

There are numerous options for sampling agencies in Nashville. You’ll find recommendations easily enough. If you don’t already have a company picked out, how do you do so?

Ask these questions.

  • What processes and tech do they have in place for hiring, training, and fulfillment?
  • What are their rates for a variety of possible scenarios? i.e. pre-batching simple cocktails for in-store samplings, events where sales are not the focus but education is, do they feature incentives for their sales teams based on unit sales, are there reports that detail demographics, age ranges, store and sampling impressions, customer feedback, etc.
  • Do they have tech in place to allow for the follow up and ongoing marketing of your brand after activations?
  • Do they have years of experience and know every distributor in Middle TN?
  • Do they have flexibility to buy product and bill back costs so distributors aren’t the end all for delivery?
  • Do they have capacity and expertise sufficient to call, book, schedule, implement, and report results on every sampling?
  • Who have they worked with and who are they currently serving?

If the answer to any of these questions is no or unknown, I encourage you to reach out to Justin Maestas of Liquid to Lips Marketing.

Shared Spirits and their growing team of sales pros is consistent as the day is long. We just don’t bail on dates. We even employ staff with guaranteed salaries to make sure there are backups when last minute issues arise for a team member.

Remember folks, this isn’t rocket science. It’s basic customer service and brand story education. 99% of success is showing up with sufficient brand knowledge to share the story with passion, a smile, and commitment to the success of the brand, the retailer, and the customer experience.

If these qualities sound attractive to you, we want to be your agency in Tennessee.

To get a glimpse of what we’ve built for on-premise partners to your brand check out our drink sharing and beverage marketing platform, Shared Spirits.

By Shared Spirits

Liquid to Lips Marketing. Drizly and Venmo met. They mixed it up in a cocktail called Shared Spirits!

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