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Three Steps to Virtual Activation

Three Steps to Virtual Activation

There may be no better time to bring a spirits or wine product to market than right now. Take a hard look at these three steps to virtual activation.

Consider this

The current crisis has leveled the playing field. On-premise payola, yes, there, I said it, is of little value. Big brands just don’t have the same advantage they used to have.

They can’t just charge into a big account, pay huge dollars for sponsoring a playlist or some other nonsense and muscle your brand out of the way.

Your brand has the ability to leverage digital in true guerrilla fashion. You can beat the big guys if your smart.

These are our recommendations in three steps.

Step One: Leverage a virtual tasting. Not a simple freebie on Eventbrite. Do something creative. Work with your team and someone like Liquid to Lips Marketing to think through a truly engaging event.

Step Two: Work social media in smart ways. Don’t assume the college intern is the solution. Some are, some aren’t. With the alcohol business, compliant social media is imperative. You’ve got to much invested to take shortcuts.

Social media marketing for spirits brands

Step Three: Launch a retail rebate program. These efforts, when done properly lead to massive results and data. Our company provides a program that allows buyers to upload retail receipts and UPC codes digitally and triggers either a rebate via check or digitally.

alcohol retail rebate programs

Imagine utilizing a retail purchase of your product as a pathway to an exclusive virtual tasting experience. Are you starting to get the picture?

We also do post purchase marketing campaigns to these buyers as well. Never has a neck hanger been so valuable.

If you have a real desire to grow your brand, there has never been a better time to take ground from the competition. Schedule a discussion or demo of our technology by click the button!

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