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Three Reasons to Rebate

Three Reasons to Rebate

Suppliers and manufactures of adult beverages need good reasons to spend marketing money. We offer three reasons to rebate.

Let’s get right to it.

One: You don’t know who your customer really is. We’ve been pounding this point for years. Your agency has been telling you social engagement tells you enough about your demographic to know who your customers are.

Not true.

You don’t know who your customer really is.

There are no metrics in place in your current campaigns measuring the lifetime value of your customers.

The right supplier retail rebate program with three reasons to rebate can deliver the data on who, what, where, when, and how often.

Two: You can market to the customer who bought your product again if you’re using the right program and agency.

So it follows, when you know who the buyer of your brand is, you can work with your agency to continue the marketing touches necessary to convert that buyer to a life long customer. You’ll see none of these programs offers the brand a chance to touch the customer after the purchase.

And last but not least with three reasons to rebate

Three: And finally, with the right provider, supplier rebate programs and marketing in general should be pay for performance.

This hasn’t been the way it’s been for brands. You’re perceived as having deep pockets. Some brands do.

Agencies view that as a license to charge high fees with little visible near term ROI.

In summary, if this type of attitude and program sounds interesting hit us up for a conversation. We have technologies the spirits, wine, and beer industry needs. Innovative brands seeking to shake things up and displace some big shot names are of particular interest to us.

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