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The Future of Virtual Tastings. My top five predictions.

The Future of Virtual Tastings. My top five predictions.

Many of us have taken part in what I call the future of virtual tastings. These online experiences, primarily on Zoom, are sometimes informative, fun, and a welcome diversion. It’s time to share the future of virtual tastings and my top five predictions.

Do they take the place of being side by side and across the table from someone interesting? Not yet. That may come.

My best online experiences around cocktails and wine have been the impromptu “happy hours” arranged with another couple. We FaceTime or Zoom and have a fun conversation like we would at one another’s home or out at a bar.

Happy hours at home

We trade cocktail recipes, play a game conducive to online platforms, or just chat for an hour or so. Candidly, I like these experiences. There is no unwanted background music or noise. There is no driving to a location and back home. The expense is lower.

At the time of this post, Eventbrite has 2158 virtual tastings on the calendar.

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Best practices in virtual tastings involve enough lead time for attendees to register and have time to purchase the bottle of wine or spirits or beer in question.

This is an obvious thing but not everyone who coordinates tastings makes it easy for attendees.

The future of virtual tastings and my top five predictions

An entire industry hasn’t had to navigate these waters in past business cycles.

Louis Latour Virtual Wine Dinner and Tasting
One Example the Works Very Well – Louis Latour Virtual Wine Dinner.

My top five predictions about virtual tastings.

  1. Virtual tastings become more subscription oriented. A value proposition will be offered that rewards those who subscribe to a “club” model.
  2. Attendees will be sent the product associated with the event. Your ticket price will include the bottle.
  3. Interaction with other attendees becomes commonplace. We are missing the networking culture that existed prior to COVID lockdowns and slowdowns. There is a desire to connect.
  4. One to one cocktail, wine, and beer connections will be made easier. That first date over a drink will be possible in a virtual environment.
  5. Entertainment becomes more mainstream in the virtual tasting event ecosystem. You’ll have performers of all types as part of future experiences.

In conclusion, these are the paradigm shifts I see coming as a spirits, wine, and beer marketing pro.

Tell me what you think will happen over the next couple of years.

Connect with me for collaboration chats and ideation. I love creative people who are passionate about how spirits, wine, and beer brands may leverage these environments.

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