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Sales Feedback is so Valuable

Sales Feedback is so Valuable

Sales feedback is so valuable. It is not always fun.

I recently approached a local hospitality group on Facebook that had a section for Mentors.

I approached a few people feeling I could have a short conversation. I wanted to talk about what Shared Spirits had built.

During this period, approached 10 mentors with a quick request. Have a conversation with me.

The request included my offer to pay for their time.

My goal? Share our new beverage marketing software pricing plan.

As a CEO, it’s my job to be able to sell our product, our company, our investment potential, and all the various benefits of our product and service.

The mentor that provided important feedback exchanged numerous emails with me.

Lessons Learned

My first lesson or takeaway was that my go to market materials were not as easy to understand as I assumed.

A second takeaway was that not every restaurant or bar operator will see technology as a solution to a problem.

Most importantly, I learned that many operators in the bar and restaurant space see spirits and wine brands with budgets as the ones who need to support them, NOT the other way around.

What are your best methods for gleaning feedback from prospects, customers, and the market? Are you paying attention to what they are saying?

My near term messaging for the national roll out of Shared Spirits hasn’t changed entirely as a result of this one series of emails. However, I do now have new insight on the industry from a real pro who took the time to school me on his line of thinking.

It was extremely beneficial. Sales feedback is so valuable.

If you are a restaurant or bar operator and have an interest in exploring average ticket/tab growth, new customer acquisition or leveraging your spirits, wine, and beer suppliers for increased revenue, we want to hear from you.

channel partners sought

Click here to set up a chat with me, Sherman Mohr of Shared Spirits. I want to learn more about your business and how our tools may help you grow revenue with alcohol supplier dollars.

If you’re a vendor or consultant to the restaurant industry, a channel partner relationship with Shared Spirits may be of interest. Click here to learn more.

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