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Redefining the Brand Ambassador

Redefining the Brand Ambassador

Shared Spirits is redefining the brand ambassador.

Eddie Yoon, a prominent consultant in the world of CPG and previously part of Neilson, states this as the subject matter expert on Super Consumers.

“Super consumers aren’t random oddballs who buy in bulk. They’re emotional buyers who base their purchase decisions on their life aspirations.”

Think about that. As a spirits, wine, or beer brand, would you rather have brand ambassadors out shilling your brand to people they don’t know, don’t have a relationship with or care about or would you prefer people who have made their love of your product and brand story a part of their own?

This is the tweak to brand ambassadorship Shared Spirits sees coming.

What are we doing about it?

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Shared Spirits has launched technology that allows spirits, wine, and beer brands to empower their army of Super Consumers with the ability share their passion with others in a completely compliant, measurable, and cost effective way.

Imagine campaigns where your chosen super consumers have the opportunity to share cocktails that are redeemed at your on-premise partners. They share these cocktail micro-experiences with their colleagues, friends, and connections.

In social science, there’s a term we use in describing the power of these connections.

Homophily: the tendency for people to seek out or be attracted to those who are similar to themselves.

In other words, birds of a feather flock together.

If you’re a new brand and you’ve negotiated placement on a hot restaurant’s menu, there exist no better people to share your brand with others outside the key patrons of that particular restaurant. They will absolutely share the drinks they have at their disposal as “Ambassadors” with the right people.

Your brand is lifted, your restaurant or bar partner is supported, the distributor has a new tool to share with other key accounts, and your depletion numbers go up.

There needs to be a complete redefinition of brand ambassador. At least and additional resource needs to be acknowledged.

If you’d like to learn more about how Shared Spirits may grow your spirits, wine, or beer brand, click this link. We’ll take 30 minutes out of our CEO’s schedule to do a collaboration call. Click here!

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