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Live music, comedy, and craft spirits lovers are target of new entertainment collaboration

Live music, comedy, and craft spirits lovers are target of new entertainment collaboration recently announced the launch of a series of virtual events and live music, comedy, and craft spirits lovers are target of new entertainment collaboration.

The new effort is an online platform designed to continually provide attendees fun, memorable, and most importantly, COVID-Free evenings of entertainment.

Included in the ticket price? Great drinks (direct shipped to each Attendee), music, and comedy all while enjoyed safely in the comfort of their own homes.

From the Founder CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Caron described the purpose of the virtual events this way. “In the age of COVID-19, there are 250 comedy clubs and 2500 live music venues not holding shows.

The audience wants experiences delivered in new ways. Zoom fatigue is real but online streaming and quality entertainment never goes out of style.”

He goes on; “Virtual entertainment opportunities for top-flight acts in music and comedy do not currently have the ability to safely tour and revenue the same way they did prior to the Spring of 2020.

Our platform provides artists revenue, exposure, audience, and the potential to build additional revenue streams after the event.”

The Spirits Tie-In

“In addition, our platform includes compliant delivery of a featured bottle of a showcased spirit included in the purchase price of each event.

We are pleased to be working with the spirits industry professionals at Liquid to Lips Marketing.”

Liquid to Lips Marketing
 CEO Sherman G. Mohr stated, “Compliance and marketing in the spirits and wine industry go hand in hand. We are thrilled to be assisting with a real solution in weaving the craft spirits industry into its value proposition.” Promo
Help for the Craft Spirits Industry

He continues, “The craft spirits industry sees 40% of its revenue come from tasting room sales after tours.

The COVID-19 shutdowns have decimated the craft spirits industry in ways the general public doesn’t always realize.” Mr. Mohr goes on, “If we can provide a pathway to sales, visibility, and repeat business for some of these great American craft distilleries, we can be very proud of that work.” and Liquid to Lips Marketing are limiting ticket sales on each event to enhance connection opportunities for ticket buyers to the artists and comedians involved.

Media inquiries may be directed to and spirits industry inquiries may be directed to Sherman Mohr of Liquid to Lips Marketing.

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