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Meet the Distiller. H Clark Distillery

Meet the Distiller. H Clark Distillery

Sherman G. Mohr of Liquid to Lips Marketing and had an opportunity recently to meet the distiller. Heath Clark of H Clark Distillery shared a few minutes with Sherman to discuss the history of the distillery and much more.

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Heath Clark is a well respected health care industry lawyer located in Williamson County Tennessee. Over the course of years, his passion for launching a new distillery grew.

We found this was the case due to early inspiration. Heath’s family members have been employed in Tennessee’s distilling business for 40 years. His family’s association with one of the globally known brands served to inspire his path to founding H Clark.

Thankfully, Heath and other legal colleagues played a significant role in convincing the Tennessee State Legislature to pass new laws allowing distilleries to open throughout the entire state.

Incredibly, prior to this legislation, only 3 of 95 Tennessee counties were permitted to have distilleries.

Talk about whiskey

In the conversation below, Sherman meets the distiller of H Clark Distillery, Heath Clark. As you watch, you’ll learn about the inspiration for H Clark’s Black and Tan whiskey. This great whiskey is the featured bottle going out to ticket buying attendees of the September 18th event.

This unique micro entertainment company provides a night of live music, comedy, and a matched spirit. Part of the great value proposition is that each event features a bottle going to every ticket buyer.

So if you like music, comedy, and craft spirits, join us for the event.

As a result, you’ll see Heath Clark discuss the distillery with Buca, NextUpattheMic CEO bartender.

If you’d like to learn more about how Shared Spirits works with brands across all areas of its platform, reach out to Sherman Mohr for a demo or a chat! Click here for a time!

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