Marketing Your Beverage Program with Sampling as a Service Software

Marketing your beverage program with Sampling as a Service Software is fun, easy, and nearly free! Nearly means, it costs you nothing but a little time. This isn’t meant to be an all inclusive list of how to leverage our system. We know the best ideas and implementations are yet to come! 

Here are some suggested ways to leverage the platform.

sampling as a service

1) Knowing that many of your customers would “gift” cocktail, wine, and beer experiences with friends, colleagues, and consider a “Flight”. 
Flights are terrific ways for customers to experience your environment in new and exciting ways. 

If you’re a cocktail forward establishment, consider and flighted cocktail series or a flight of single malts for example. Those establishments with a great wine list may consider posting up a wine sampling series that patrons could share with others. 
Beer forward establishments could theme flights based on any number of “beer nerd” friendly themes. 

2) Invite your patrons to download the app or Shared Spirits platform and receive a drink paid for by your Founder, GM, or Celebrity tied to the establishment. Once your establishment is on the platform, the team can help with building campaigns that allow for the sharing of a specific cocktail, wine, or beer that comes directly from a specific individual. Imagine the power of your Executive Chef sending out a drink credit for a great wine. 

3) Share a list of your favorite spirits, wine, and beer suppliers with the team at Shared Spirits. Why do this? We are on your side and upon entry into the Shared Spirits community, you begin to experience the benefit our our team building relationships with your suppliers. We do this because our business model is to capture marketing dollars from alcohol brands that are converted to drink credits that are then redeemable in your establishment. 
We will start sharing the message around their ability to build their brand and depletions within your establishment immediately upon getting the valuable contacts from you. Use this link to share some names and contacts with us. Suppliers/Brands/Distributors  We’ll work on your behalf! 

Marketing your beverage program with Sampling as a Service Software is fun, easy, and nearly free! Nearly means, it costs you nothing but a little time.

4) Host a VIP Event Leveraging our Eventbrite integration. You can offer incentives to VIP’s or targeted guests with Eventbrite. Our integration allows us to build campaigns featuring specific drinks, think sponsored by a brand here, and then trigger drink credit deployments out to attendees at check in. The attendee receives a text the next day offering them a featured drink redeemable during the campaign period.

5) Email CEO Sherman Mohr or schedule a time for a collaboration call. We want to collaborate, not sell.

Inspiration for the use of new tools comes in many forms. Take a look at the best in marketing articles from the National Restaurant Association or the United States Bartender’s Guild for great resources. If there is an idea you have, we want to hear about it.