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Leading the Target

Leading the Target

Many of us grew up either hunting or playing video games or shooting skeet. The term, leading the target, simply implies that your anticipating where your target will be and against all intuition, you aim ahead of the target. It takes discipline and practice.

This article shares the research gleaned from survey responses by 200 or so restaurant operators, GMs, and leaders. They detail their top initiatives and plans for the next few months.

25 percent cite enhanced marketing and new innovations as how they plan to solve the biggest challenges.

When it comes to their biggest goals? 

How does our work and offering help with their biggest goals? 

We know our platform will help and retain customers. 34.41% 

We know beverages sold are a revenue maker. Drinkers also spend more. 26.88% 

Improvement of the guest experience? 13.98% 

Upgrading tech…right up our alley! 4.30%

In summary, our platform and services help provide a contribution to 79.57% of the activities that operators state will help them meet their biggest goals. 

On the food and beverage trends and plans…..

When it comes to trends…there is no tool in the market that serves to accomplish “trend-jacking” like the Shared Spirits platform. In simple words, trend-jacking is simply the act of capitalizing on an existing trend in order to bolster one’s brand in the marketplace. 

Our platform allows any operator seeing micro trends (stuff in their bar outperforming the market) to macro, what is trending nationally, to be included on the Shared Spirits platform and then amplified with paid social media. 

We would love to chat with operators wishing to increase revenue from their beverage offerings. Join the Shared Spirits network for free and we’ll have profitable portions of your beverage menu buyable, shareable, and redeemable all on mobile in no time!

Contact us here for a call! And yes, use of the platform is free!

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