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How Jim used beverage marketing software.

How Jim used beverage marketing software.

Jim used beverage marketing software. We’ll find out how but first a question.

What is beverage marketing software? Shared Spirits conceived and built a mobile app and underlying software system that allows spirits, wine, and beer brands to leverage marketing spends in new ways.

Software becomes exponentially more valuable when it is used by multiple parties. The more people in a supply chain use the tool, the more valuable it becomes for all users.

Shared Spirits software compliantly converts marketing dollars from restaurants, bars, and brands to digital drink credits.

What’s a digital drink credit?

A digital drink credit represented in the Shared Spirits system is a redeemable cocktail, wine, or beer.

The drink credit has to be redeemed in the targeted establishment.

Influencer Ambassador Drink Share

So back to Jim. Jim is the proprietor of a increasingly well know craft distillery. He can’t hope to compete with the big brand aggregators like Diageo or Pernod.

His whiskey is premium. His local restaurant and bar representation are pretty fair considering there is NO support from the distributor. Budgets just don’t allow the kind of programs they want for their reps.

What’s a small brand to do?

Jim listened to the details about Shared Spirits beverage marketing software and the Shared Spirits local market support program.

This program provides restaurants, bars, distilleries, vineyards, and breweries the ability to market their cocktails, wines, and beers out through a network of patrons, ambassadors, and influencers all trackable through the software and activated through the Shared Spirits app.

With any size spend from an establishment, once a campaign is complete, Shared Spirits rebates 70% of the marketing spend back to the restaurant or bar.

Hospitality support program

Here is where Jim got excited.

With a spirits, wine, or beer brand co-op marketing spend, Jim received the benefit of all deployed cocktails being branded and marketed as his featured brand cocktail. As a result, Shared Spirits rebated 100% of the restaurant’s marketing spend back.

So in this case, marketing cocktails that featured Jim’s brand cost about $300.00. Less than funding two in-store samplings to strangers.

The key takeaways?

10 high value influencers were granted 5 great cocktails to share with their connections.

The 50 great connections had an opportunity to come redeem cocktails. They brought friends and bought another round and appetizers. A few stayed for dinner. Many had never experienced the brand before.

The restaurant received extra customers. They also received their total spend of $1000 for the campaign that featured 66 cocktails back as a rebate.

Jim’s brand was authentically shared to 66 people who are now invited to buy his brand from the retailer of his choice.

If this kind of advanced digital activation is of interest to you, reach out to our CEO Sherman Mohr.

Contact him here to set up a time to talk about growing your brand or your establishment’s revenue.

If you’d like to discuss opportunities to become a channel partner and get paid to help us grow our national footprint, we’d like to chat. Click here for more info.

For a quick look at our explainer video, click here.

To register as a bar, restaurant, distillery, brewery, or vineyard, click here.

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