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How Jay’s Vodka gets featured in Nashville restaurants.

How Jay’s Vodka gets featured in Nashville restaurants.

How Jay’s vodka gets featured in Nashville restaurants. Jay was curious about the Shared Spirits approach after having been referred to SS by his marketing agency.

As we learn more about Jay’s brand story, his presence in three states and his distribution, we learn he’s knowledgeable about how things work.

He was previously a distributor in Texas. He still owns a restaurant in Texas. He knows that the distributor for his brand in a new market needs marketing support that helps his brand stand out.

What will provide the distributor’s on-premise team the right story to excite them enough to prioritize sharing the brand with the right operators?

Let’s make some safe assumptions. 

  • The product and packaging are great.
  • The distributor has some material and leave-behinds for operators.
  • There is a unique promotion offer for the operator.
  • The distributor has tools to help its sales pros.

How Jay’s vodka gets featured in Nashville restaurants and where Shared Spirits fits in and why we got the call from the brand’s agency.

Shared Spirits offers brands the opportunity to spend marketing dollars that are compliantly turned directly into individual cocktails, wines, and beers. These drinks are digitally deployed out via a network of Ambassadors tied to the brand and the restaurant. 

Shared Spirits technology, known as Sampling-as-a-Service software, our play on SaaS, delivers campaigns that provide value to the entire alcohol supply chain.

The brand wins by smartly spending marketing dollars that are transparent. For the first time, marketing dollars serve to contribute to on-premise depletion goals while simultaneously serving the operators, the customers, and the distributor’s sales team. Data and a brand relationship with the individual drinker are key upsides. What might be possible if brands had access to permission-granted phone numbers and emails of its end users? 

The restaurant operator wins by having drink credits deployed out via brand ambassadors, bartenders, key patrons, distributor reps, or anyone else deemed appropriate. These deployed drinks have to be redeemed in the restaurant or bar participating in the campaign. Participation as a Shared Spirits network venue is free with some real substantial upside marketing opportunities that are totally risk free. 

The distributor wins by having a compelling marketing offer that equips sales staff to share something new and unique with the operator. This marketing is the first of its kind. Redeemed drinks the restaurant didn’t have to pay for lead to immediate revenue opportunities, i.e new butts in seats, for the operators while simultaneously helping with reorder goals. 

The customer wins by having experienced a paid-for drink redeemable at their favorite or soon to become favorite restaurants and bars. They also have the opportunity to pay it forward by purchasing the drink they experienced with some of their connections. They also have opportunities to become ambassadors for the brand. This leads to cool opportunities for more drinks to share with more connections. 

The retailers win by virtue of Shared Spirits conducting thoughtful post on-premise experience marketing campaigns that direct the customer who redeemed a drink to find and purchase the brand at their local retailers.

Drinks in the app

When you are creating a new category, all parties have to win. You can’t leave anyone behind. Category Queens add value to the entire ecosystem. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Jay’s vodka gets placed in Nashville restaurants and how Shared Spirits might help your brand meet its 2022 goals in Nashville and other markets, click this Schedule a Call link and let’s chat.

Our CEO, Sherman Mohr is ready to share the details if you’re interested in growth in 2022. 

There is much more to share around how samplings, events, and experiential activations can play into success when combined with Sampling-as-a-Service technology!

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