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Does Your SWAG Spend Lead to Real ROI?

Does Your SWAG Spend Lead to Real ROI?

Not a complicated question really. Does your SWAG spend lead to real ROI? Do the hats, drink holders, bottle openers, and bar tools your agency convinced you to buy actually lead to measurable sales for you?

In 2011, 29% of $3.45 billion in marketing dollars went to point of sale promotional items.

In today’s world of COVID-19 do you even have accounts that want the stuff?

Learn more about our TAG for SWAG Points Program. We have technology and systems that add your merchandise into an online inventory. We share a portion of that in visible ways in a SWAG Catalogue.


From there, our technology and marketing tools lead to case count sales in ways we’d rather not disclose in this post.

It’s a pay for performance program. One time setup fee and from then on, your brand is invoiced for results.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule that call here!

We can help you answer the question, does your SWAG spend lead to real ROI?

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