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Collaborators Wanted

Collaborators Wanted

Shared Spirits is sharing an important message. Collaborators wanted!

A couple of years ago, my company launched a technology allowing for the compliant purchase, sharing, and redemption of individual cocktails, wine, and beer drinks from participating bars and restaurants on our mobile app.

We limited the exposure to Nashville, TN. There is no point in growing downloads where you don’t have a merchant, bar, or venue footprint with an app like ours.

Shared spirits home screen

The beta went fairly well. People have received the premise of the technology very well.

The biggest value innovation is what we’ve built behind the app. The C2C piece is compelling but hardly worth scaling given the in-app purchase margins.

Behind the app, we have tools and tech that allow us to take bar/restaurant and alcohol industry market dollars and compliantly convert them into drink credits associated with a specific drink.

So for example, a bar could upload a high-margin drink on our app, pay our firm marketing dollars, and we parse those dollars into drink credits that our technology places into the mobile apps of influencers or ambassadors associated with the venue.

Drink redemption screen

When the recipient brings in their phone and shows the staff they received a drink from the associated ambassador, the staff rings it up as part of their total tab, and as long as the individual clicks the right button on the app, just like they would pay with a credit card, the tech lets us know and we reimburse 80% of that marketing spend to the venue running the marketing campaign with us.

A similar opportunity exists for spirits, wine, and beer brands. When they spend marketing dollars with us, we parse their marketing spend into compliant drink credits associated with …..

a) their brand

b) their key accounts

c) their choice of ambassadors

and measure the effectiveness in ways activations have never been measured.

drink deployment from ambassadors

Now the business problem.

We need a national footprint of venues for the value innovation to be real. We have opportunities to funnel hundreds of millions in alcohol marketing spend into key accounts where brands are already on the shelf.

We have marketing partners in media ready to play.

We have events ready for alcohol sponsors.

We need 2500 bars and restaurants onboarded as soon as possible.

The process is easy. Oh, by the way, it’s also free for bars and restaurants to enter the network.

If you wish to take part in something big, we need connectors who can move us onto appropriate bars and restaurants.

We have stock incentives available, cash for performing campaigns, and other possible ways to pay.

Contact CEO Sherman Mohr to discuss details. Connect with him here.

By Shared Spirits

Liquid to Lips Marketing. Drizly and Venmo met. They mixed it up in a cocktail called Shared Spirits!

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