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Campaigns for Spirits Brands Should be Measurable

Campaigns for Spirits Brands Should be Measurable

When Shared Spirits sought to bring technology to the market, we felt campaigns for spirits brands should be measurable.

It’s interesting. Brands have known about our work but still found it difficult to justify measuring their campaigns in truly accountable ways.

It’s as though decision makers in the spirits and wine world don’t really want to know the truth about their marketing activities.

Marketing in the spirits space hasn’t been strategic. It’s been more of a carpet bomb philosophy. “If I spend it this way, the brand’s case counts will go up.”

The real definition of success?

Shouldn’t the real definition of success be the cultivation of lifelong customers and perhaps even knowing how much they spend with you on an annual basis?

This is how Shared Spirits views marketing. We’ll accommodate a brand by doing what they want. We are however, really hopeful that one day, they will do what they need.

What is the Shared Spirits solution?

It is this philosophy that lead to the development of our Beverage Marketing Software. Image 1.1

Campaign Management Machine
Image 1.1

This suite of software tools allows brand marketing dollars to come into Shared Spirits and be assigned compliantly to drink or bottle credits. Image 1.2

Campaign Management Two
Image 1.2

These credits are then assigned to “Ambassadors/Influencers” that are assigned to markets, on-premise accounts, categories, or retailers. Image 1.3

These influencers are then measured on their effectiveness in sharing the drinks that are deployable in the Shared Spirits mobile app.

As a result, part of the measurements include the ability to measure category, brand, influencer, and retail or off-premise results. Image 1.4

Campaign Measurements
Image 1.4

As CEO and Co-Founder of the company, I find it incredible at times that brands that have heard about us haven’t asked for complete exclusives or market tests.

Opportunities to grow are present

Interesting enough, during pandemic pandemic periods, there are more opportunities than we thought possible. Perhaps the industry is now being forced to be creative.

For too long, promo girls and street teams have deserved little place in the current marketing mix. It’s our argument that it was wasted money all along. Our CEO covers this topic here.

You need targeted campaigns, right down to knowing the individual targeted was in your category’s aisle at the key retail account. Marketing of virtual tastings and VIP offers should be going to the right targets, delivering the right value, at the right time.

In closing, if you see room for improvement in your marketing, we’re here to help.

Reach out and schedule a call!

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