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Become a unique spirits brand ambassador!

Become a unique spirits brand ambassador!

If this headline, a unique spirits brand ambassador caught your attention, then we may be what you’re looking for in your path to spirits industry expertise and representation.

Liquid to Lips Marketing does marketing in the following areas.


All of these areas are tied to our Campaign Management Machine technology.

This tech provides spirits, wine, and beer brands to do campaigns with Shared Spirits, events, real or virtual, supplier retail rebate programs, and activations of all kinds and do compliant marketing in ways never before conceived.

Imagine this.

You are an empowered Ambassador with a platform to engage and
capture consumers for life!

You’ve moved away from traditional tactics & spends, and track every
drink you share, right down to what, with who, when & where!

You’re an ambassador for a specific market or the country, depending on your reach and the marketing spend of the brand.

WHY? Because you can INFLUENCE the market. Brands are relying on your connections in the industry and market to boost relationships for their brand.

You know tons of people who like what you like….

However, you also want to create new relationships for brands in
restaurants, bars, clubs, and venues.

Shared Spirits enhances this partnership with Mobile-first technology.

This is where the magic begins:

Through a liquid-2-lips marketing campaign, our ambassadors share
preselected drinks through the Shared Spirits Platform with friends, industry pros, colleagues, patrons, and target customers.

Shared Spirits delivers all the data and creates a pathway of engagement for the next liquid-2-lips marketing campaign.

If you have a following as a bartender, chef, brand rep, athlete, sales pro, actor, brand owner, Instagram star, YouTube Channel Builder, or otherwise, we want to chat about how your representation may help spirits, wine, and beer brands.

Interested in learning more? We thought so. Click here for our Ambassador Entry Form. We’ll help you market your talent to brands.

By Shared Spirits

Liquid to Lips Marketing. Drizly and Venmo met. They mixed it up in a cocktail called Shared Spirits!

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