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Bar/Restaurant State of the Industry Report Spring 2021

Bar/Restaurant State of the Industry Report Spring 2021

Liquid to Lips Marketing recently compiled a link to some industry data and launched its method for solving certain problems in the hospitality space with beverage programs. View the Bar/Restaurant State of the Industry Report for Spring 2021.

It’s a tough time in the restaurant space. 110,000 or more restaurants have closed and millions of lives in the supply chain have been affected.

Beverage marketing and events can play a significant role in bringing revenue and employment back.

For a look at how some establishments are doing it and recommendations from Shared Spirits, click the image for our Spring 2021 report.

beverage program solutions for covid and pandemic losses

Additional resources are found at the USBG site via this link:

If you’re a restaurant or bar and desire a demo of our technology, reach out to our CEO Sherman Mohr. You may do so by scheduling your time by clicking here.

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