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Alcohol Beverage In-Store Sampling

Alcohol Beverage In-Store Sampling

Shared Spirits recently shared its quarterly sampling metrics with a national brand conducting alcohol beverage in-store sampling.

The report was received with stellar reviews. Data included was backed up by a collection of details provided by our sampling and sales professionals after every sampling.

Our goal was to provide useful feedback, metrics, and indications of future opportunities with every report. Also, we had a desire to make the reporting concise and simple to understand.

Sample Report

We were recently asked some questions regarding our provision of this report. We thought we would address them here.

How did the Shared Spirits app play into this?

It didn’t at this point. We offered to use our tech in a couple of cases when the activation was on-premise. The restaurant experiences did lead us to a new campaign category within our tech that will allow for a simple profile build by consumers participating in an activation. Customers who sample receive ongoing marketing as part of the event follow-up. Post event marketing will be customized based on brand budgets and requirements.

Did customer data get collected, and if so, how will it be used and measured? We are curious about four points.

Influencer Ambassador Drink Share
SMS Delivery

Not on these samplings. In the future, use of the data will involve post event marketing via text and email along with compliant post event drink deployments via Shared Spirits technology.

Measurement will be a function of “goals”. Think Google analytics. Calls to action being offered by the brands to consumers based on their goals and budgets.

On the sales, ROI metrics would be helpful.

#1 Initial ROI (based on cost of promo and sales generated)

This is somewhat holy grail stuff. While brands know the aggregate cost of their samplings and activations, they have no knowledge of what the event actually produced in the way of new buyers and ongoing life-time relationships.

Sure, they know the 3-hour slot’s sales activities but have no visibility on whether or not attendees purchased at a later date or who they were. So initial ROI is something we deliver in an analogue way. Digital coming very soon.

People sampled/Purchases = Initial ROI.

#2 assigning a value to the data captured;

This will begin to be possible upon data capture and the testing and measurements of calls-to-action post event.

#3 developing a measurement protocol for the value of follow-up marketing;

This is a new metric our tools will begin to develop. Upon rolling out these tools, we’ll be the first that measure sampling and activation effectiveness.

#4 creating a brand loyalty score based on all of above;

Post event incentives that serve to drive people to retail again and on-premise partners with drink deployments, incentives, rewards, merch, and gamification within the app will start to bring this together.

Dashboards and reporting provided by Shared Spirits is superior to what most any company provides. New business intelligence tools and systems are being developed for and by us weekly.

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