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A question for restaurant and bar operators.

A question for restaurant and bar operators.

A question for restaurant and bar operators. How much money would my company have to pay you to implement our beverage marketing software?

Your answer is likely contingent upon a number of factors.

What do I have to do to get paid?

Shared Spirits mobile drink sharing

What does my staff have to do in the way of task?

How much money are we talking about?

All are great questions

Our beverage marketing software compliantly converts marketing dollars from restaurants, bars, suppliers in the spirits, wine, and beer world into digital drink credits reflecting drinks from your bar.

These drink credits are deployed out to a list of Ambassadors chosen by you. They receive a text and email stating they have received drinks to share with contacts.

The contacts then patronize your establishment because the drink credits have to be redeemed in your place!

The math is easy. If you know what the average tab is for someone coming to your place for a drink then you can assume, marketing your beverage program this way is a no brainer.

Now back to the questions.

Step One: Onboard your establishment to our platform.

We assist in onboarding your establishment. We load appropriate drinks onto the Shared Spirits BMS platform. They instantly become buyable for your patrons. You instantly have a new method for patrons to gift others drink credits. It takes about 30 minutes plus training for your staff. There is no charge for this Shared Spirits service.

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Staff is trained to know how to redeem drink credits in ways that are congruent with your POS system. We don’t do integrations. We’re treated as a separate tender, house account, or gift card scenario.

Step Two: We onboard your chosen Ambassadors.

Share a list of patrons or connections for us to email inviting them to become Ambassadors/VIPs explaining they’ll soon have drinks to share with connections. If you’d like, you could be the one that sends out the invite.

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Step Three: We choose an appropriate drink to share.

Perhaps it’s a great cocktail built with a nice value brand. Or maybe it’s a popular wine by the glass. It may also be a great high margin draft beer. Or a combo!

Step Four: We build and deploy the campaign.

Drink credits are sent out to the appropriate Ambassadors. They share the drink credits. Those recipients come into your establishment to redeem the drink credits. All this activity is tracked in real time. You have visibility over all of it.

Bonus Step Five: Shared Spirits immediately begins to approach your spirits, wine, and beer suppliers explaining a new opportunity exist for them to get “liquid to lips” on more customers with our compliant patent pending beverage marketing software!

So the final question is this?

How much money would Shared Spirits need to spend on initial drink credits redeemable at your establishment for you to give us a try?

Most companies offer a freemium to premium model. That’s not our style. We don’t anticipate a subscription level upgrade until we offer sufficient marketing and customization value to warrant it. For now, we’re seeking great operators who get it. In other words, everything offered above is free to you if you’re a qualifying establishment.

At Shared Spirits, we know the ultimate value we’ll deliver to spirits, wines, and beer brands will be game changing. We can’t do it with great operators like you or channel partners that work with you.

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