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A Look at Online Cocktail Competitions

A Look at Online Cocktail Competitions

Many of us in the spirits, wine, and beer marketing world are taking a look at online cocktail competitions.

We have had talks with hospitality and entertainment pros. There is a consensus.

Large group gatherings are a year away.

After doing some research, we found there is a shortage of virtual events featuring bartenders.

Agencies should be promoting bartenders in virtual contests as part of the promotion of liquor and wine brands.

In most cases, online events appear to be outgrowths of organizers being forced to move a previously scheduled event into a virtual format.

Here’s one example.

The bartender/mixologist cocktail competition needs to be reinvented.
Possible ideas?

One should always integrate tastings into the viewing experience.

Act to leverage localized retail store locations for easy brand pick up.

By all means, limit recipes to 4 ingredients so they are approachable for the home audience.

As we close this list, organizers should facilitate delivery a bottle of the key liquor used in the cocktail contest theme to the ticket buyer.

The Future of Virtual Tastings. My top five predictions.

We could go on and on as you take a look at online bartender competitions.

Here at Liquid to Lips Marketing, we’re committed to the industry. We also feel the industry needs significant virtual and digital leadership.

In summary, we are a collaborative company with some cool technology that we’re ready to share with real go-getters.

We want to talk with you about an ideas around spirits, wine, and beer marketing, we’re ready to chat. Click here to schedule a talk.

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