Sampling as a Service

What Is Sampling-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

Most people have come to know that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model in which access to the software is provided on a subscription basis, with the software being located on external servers rather than on servers located in-house.

Software-as-a-Service is typically accessed through a web browser, with users logging into the system using a username and password. Instead of each user having to install the software on their computer, the user is able to access the program via the Internet.

Shared Spirits has launched a US based sampling-as-a-service platform designed specifically to deliver self-curated spirits, wine, and beer samplings and activations.


  • Sampling-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model, which allows access to software a freemium subscription basis using external servers.
  • SaaS allows each restaurant, bar, distillery, vineyard, brewery, and soon, spirits, wine, or beer brand owner/supplier to access our platform via the Internet.
  • The Shared Spirits SaaS business application allows for restaurants, bars, venues, retailers, and most any operator legally selling alcoholic beverages or products to quickly on-board into the Shared Spirits software platform and within minutes offer portions of their beverage or bottle menus for sale on the Shared Spirits mobile app.
  • The Shared Spirits SaaS application, known as Beverage Marketing Software, is easy to implement, easy to update , and is far less expensive than other forms of sampling, activation, and marketing programs.

Understanding Shared Spirits Sampling-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Shared Spirits Sampling-as-a-Service is a platform business model (not a technology infrastructure) that focuses on helping to facilitate sampling and activation across a large number of participants. These interactions could take the form of short-term transactions like patrons of a restaurant gifting a connection a featured cocktail or they could involve brands building and reinforcing relationships with key accounts where new products or popular current products are offered. As long as the featured establishments are on the Shared spirits platform, brands may deploy cocktails, wine, and beers or even bottles from participating retailers. We compliantly convert marketing dollars into drink credits.

A real example of what the Shared Spirits SaaS model looks like this. Imagine Diageo utilizing a SaaS model instead of Venmo for this promotion.

In their current promotion, Diageo’s Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has launched “Local Bar Sundays,” featuring a “First Drink Is on Us” $250,000 rebate program running through year’s end.

While the promotion suggests that consumers visit venues on Sundays, they actually don’t need to wait till then to buy any Bulleit-based drink, upload the receipt, and get reimbursed up to $10 via Venmo.

We commend them for this great promotion. Local venues are reinforced. Consumers are served.

With Shared Spirit’s SaaS, the venue’s participation would lead to vastly increased network effects.

With a triggered promo prompted by a similar QR code or hot link, consumers could find participating venues, be delivered a digital drink credit, continually be invited to the chosen bar to redeem the drink credit and once a drink is redeemed be invited to buy a bottle at a local retailer. With a social component or receipt upload, the entire sampling of Bulleit at a bar leads to not just a simple reimbursement but the beginning of a relationship with the consumer that finally sheds light on the consumer’s life time value.

The role of the platform business is to provide a set of standards and protocols that facilitate interactions at scale so that network effects can be unleashed.

Our Sampling-as-a-Service platform facilitates gamification, gifting, full control by the establishment and/or brand and in the context of this example, a variety of ways for $250,000 to be utilized in ways vastly superior to the use of currently budgeted promo dollars.

Let’s look at a graphic of this program as though it were implemented on Shared Spirits Sampling-as-a-Service platform.

sampling as a service

With SaaS, users don’t need to install or update any software. Instead, users can log in through the Internet or web browser and connect to the service provider’s network to access the particular service.

If you’d like to learn more about this revolutionary new patent pending technology and how Shared Spirits intends to revolutionize the sampling and activation space, schedule a call with CEO Sherman Mohr today. Click here.