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Meet the Founders of Kentucky’s First Black-Owned Spirits and Wine Distributorship

Meet the Founders of Kentucky’s First Black-Owned Spirits and Wine Distributorship

Liquid to Lips Marketing CEO and Co-Founder had the honor of chatting with Kelvin Young Jr. and DJuan Ditto, the founder of Kentucky’s first black-owned spirits and wine distributorship.

You read it right. It took till 2020.

I’ve known Kelvin for some time now and have tracked he and his business partner Djuan’s incredible journey through building a company that qualifies for licensing. This is a federally and state level regulated industry. It’s complex.

The grit it takes to form a business and meet certain requirements well before one can expect revenue opportunities of any kind is commendable.

Check out the interview below! You’ll notice, these guys stopped in the middle of a busy day, in their cars, to take this interview.

One of the things I admire most about Kelvin and Djuan is their unwavering optimism and work ethic. They have demonstrated true persistence to my team. To these guys, obstacles are just what you deal with. They don’t stop you, they mold you.

At the start, there were hurdles in legal issues in licensing that require attorneys. There is no LegalZoom fix for becoming a federally regulated entity.

Next came a federal government shut down and requirements for space that had to be secured and remain empty as the company went through the approval process.

And then of course, COVID-19.

Does the shut down matter to these professionals. Sure. They want their friends, neighbors, and industry colleagues back in business.

However, their view of 2020 is, as you will see and hear, a positive one.

They are adding brands, adding accounts, and adding value.

I’m continually inspired by stories of brands, companies, and individuals who are in constant forward motion.

It’s a big deal when a distributor obtains a license. I hope you’ll gain inspiration from the Legacy Wine and Spirits Distributor story. I certainly do.

They recently added more than two dozen brands to their portfolio.

Also, Walmart has now inked a deal to carry some of their portfolio across the state of Kentucky. These guys have some magic working up their sleeves. I can vouch that the magic is enhanced by determination and passion.

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