Eventbrite and Sampling as a Service tech for Spirits and Wine Brands

When planning events utilizing Eventbrite and Sampling as a Service tech for Spirits and Wine Brands, it’s now possible to add extra value to a sponsoring wine, spirits, or beer brand. 

We’ve mocked up a scenario that highlights some of the possibilities. 


In this sample, researching some of the wine selections in Lamberti’s shows serendipity wines is the supplier/importer for some selections. 

It is safe to assume that suppliers may have interest in sponsoring sampling events with some marketing dollars that would serve to go  toward costs of the event or digital drink deployments. 

Shared Spirits software allows us to build campaigns that feature specific drinks from the standard menu. Once it’s in your POS as an offering with a price, we can add it to the SS platform and build a campaign featuring the drink. 

In this case, we built two ticket types. 


The two ticket types represent the ability to host an event and offer a “Bonus” from the sponsoring supplier. In the cases above, for this example, we structured a ticket price that would make the sharing of a wine by the glass deployed after the event for the GA ticket. We shared an example price of $65 for the Patron’s ticket allowing for the post event deployment of a full bottle. 

If the sponsoring supplier or brand spent sufficient dollars, the drink deployments would be covered or perhaps the cost of some antipasto items would be covered. 

When building the campaigns, we use the following assumptions: 

The deployed brand is on the menu and in the POS.

The samples shared during the event reflect options for what’s deployed to attendees.

In the following image, you see how we build a custom question option that associates specific drinks that were built into a campaign. When the customer answers this required question, this is what provides the software the data to deploy the correct campaign sponsored drink. Please note, the specific wine name, supplier, etc could/would be built into the custom question response option. 

We can control the length of the campaign as well as determine when the deployment is to go out. Next day is generally the recommendation. 

Custom question

The same process is used for bottle deployments. 

custom question 2


Confirmation pages and emails could begin to include messaging featuring the sponsoring suppliers.


Incredible fact! 61% of all alcohol marketing dollars go to unmeasured spending. Data

Embedding ticketed events on your Events page could be a significant ticket driver as well. 

Using Multi-Event Promo Codes, one could offer a significant value to Patrons who commit to purchasing multiple events, adding tremendous value to sponsors. 

Part of our integration with Eventbrite includes the ability to register for events inside the Shared Spirits app. See image. When one registers the event then shows up in the My Tickets tab. 

Additional ways to add value to sponsors include mentions on social media where ticket sales are easily integrated.

These add-ons to the typical event are free technologically.

They do take time but they offer a value proposition to sponsoring suppliers no other establishments provide.

Liquid to Lips Marketing is committed to sharing more insightful details on how to market your beverage/wine programs with features available in our software.

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