Bar/Restaurant Revenue Generator Program™️

Shared Spirits built its technology with the spirits, wine, and beer industries in mind. However, with the tremendous pressure on the hospitality industry, it was time to improve the technology and launch the bar/restaurant revenue generator program.

How does it work?

Step One: Our technology allows for the compliant uploading of selected drinks from your menu to our revenue generator program technology.

Step Two: Your establishment shows up on our mobile app along with drinks you choose to feature.

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Step Three: We market your establishment. People can buy, share, and redeem their drinks with our tech. *Some onboarding and training are required. No complex or risky POS integrations.

Step Four: When you spend marketing dollars on our Bar/Restaurant Revenue Generator Program™️ we compliantly parse those dollars into specific drink credits associated with cocktails, wine, or beer on your uploaded drinks list.

Step Five: You provide us a list of key establishment influencers, big spenders, staffers, key customers, etc and we upload those into an “influencer database” associated with your Shared Spirits account.

Step Six: We deploy the drink credits out to your list based on a strategy co-developed with you!

Step Seven: The Bar/Restaurant Revenue Generator Program is now live! We drive those drink credit recipients to your establishment according to the terms of redemption, i.e. certain nights/days/time frames.

Step Eight: When recipients come into redeem, you ring the drink up as a house account at regular price and Shared Spirits pays you 70% of the drink’s price! Yes, 70%!

There is no other hospitality marketing program out there where 100% of your spend is tracked to the person and 70% of the spend is returned to your bank account!

If you’d like to be the first in your town to take part in this exciting program, complete the form below. We are reserving space for 1000 cities in 2021.

If you’d like to discuss how our tools help drive revenue, we’re here to assist. Set up your time to chat here.

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