Digital "Liquid to Lips" technology built to grow your brand, your revenue, and your community.


The Shared Spirits platform provides creative beverage marketing via mobile app technology that delivers measurable results and customer data for brands, restaurants, bars, and retail liquor stores.

We help brands leverage their current sampling initiatives, event sponsorships, and marketing spends with an enhancement that builds a proprietary database of people that have sampled their products.

The Shared Spirits Marketing Team

Case Studies

Miracle One Wine Company
Challenge: Provide on-premise partner with great margins, support, all while building loyal customer base.
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Briggs and Massey Vodka
Challenge: Secure new placement in Nashville's highly competitive bar scene.
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Green Hills Grille
Challenge: Introducing new and previous diners to the establishment by leveraging the beverage program.
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Louie Latour & ETC Restaurant
Challenge: Lift the brand's profile and sales while supporting the visibility of a key on-premise account.
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Latest Posts

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Leading the Target
Our platform and services help provide a contribution to 79.57% of the activities that operators state will help them meet their biggest goals.
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Restaurant Operator Steve Turned his Beverage Program into an Ecomm Play
At Shared Spirits, restaurant and bar operators are discovering that retail sellers of alcohol are not the only ones with an ecomm option.
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Alcohol marketing with out-of-home campaigns, smart or dumb?
With Shared Spirits tech, every individual receives a text the next day with a link to a retail partner, the participating on-premise partner, perhaps a call to opt-in to a community, or any other useful measurable call to action.
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Jack is Not Letting his Restaurant Miss Out on Post-Covid Alcohol Beverage Trends
Jack is an independent restaurant operator committed to not letting his restaurant miss out on post-covid alcohol beverage trends.
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Alcohol Beverage In-Store Sampling
Our goal was to provide useful feedback, metrics, and indications of future opportunities with every report. Also, we had a desire to make the reporting concise and simple to understand.
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Selling “Picks and Shovels”​ to Our Industry
Here at Shared Spirits, we're committed to serving the purveyors of fine beverages be they retailers or restaurant owners. We serve the spirits, wine, and beer brands that seek to build market share and gain traction as they distill, brew, and age great products for our enjoyment.