Increase your revenue
with new alcohol beverage customers.

We want to help you grow revenue and new patrons.

Are you a restaurant or bar operator? Explore new profits with the Shared Spirits platform.

What is Shared Spirits?

Shared Spirits is a platform that makes your beverage menu buyable, shareable, and redeemable on mobile and social. Shared Spirits allows your guests or social followers to buy and share drinks that may only be redeemed with you. It is a platform that monetizes your beverage program for social interaction. We increase your revenue with new alcohol beverage customers.


Who are Shared Spirits Partners?

Shared Spirits Operator Partners are restaurants and bars of all sizes. Any operation with alcohol beverages on the menu in the United States may qualify. We seek to partner with operators seeking new customers and wanting to grow their revenue. If that sounds like you, we’d love to partner with you. We increase your revenue with new alcohol beverage cusotmers.

Why become a Shared Spirits Hospitality Partner?

Here’s how some of our hospitality partners have grown their businesses using Shared Spirits:

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of drink recipients are more likely to redeem a drink and visit your establishment

0 %

of drink recipients become regular patrons

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of drink recipients will be new to your establishment

Hospitality Operators just like you

Our beverage program has experienced growth with the Shared Spirits Platform. The gifting of drinks is novel and our patrons love it. There have been evenings where the entire bar is full of drink recipients redeeming drinks!

Ashton S. Nashville TN
drink redemptions

A supplier came in one afternoon prior to CMA FEST. She said, hey, we are going to a $1000.00 bar spend, all you have to do is onboard and use the free Shared Spirits Platform. The SS team had us onboarded in one afternoon. We were redeeming drinks the next day!

Jimmy J. Nashville, TN
drinks being redeemed

We continue to be excited about our relationship with Shared Spirits– we have benefited greatly from the partnership. When we do bar spends now, we know who received our wine, when they enjoyed it, and have the ability to continue to target the individual in ongoing ways.

Charlie M. Miracle One Wine Co
Miracle One Wine Co
Average Spend at Redemption
$ 0
Average Supplier Spend per Operator
$ 0
Added Revenue per 100 Redemptions
$ 0

How it Works

Within minutes, we’ll have the most profitable drinks on your menu on the Shared Spirits platform. Your patrons, social followers, and marketing team will be able to buy, share, and redeem drinks within days. All taxes and tips are included. No point-of-sale system integration is needed. Simply follow a few basic steps and we’ll share easy ways to market your program. Drink recipients have to redeem all the drinks received from your menu at your location! You’ll experience real-time visibility on all to-be-redeemed drinks as well as real-time visibility on all drinks the instant they are redeemed. 

When you choose your featured drinks, they show up in randomized fashion on the platform home screen. You may add more drinks as well. They’ll be searchable, buyable, shareable, and redeemable, just like the featured choices. Shared Spirits will work with your alcohol beverage suppliers to facilitate completely compliant marketing campaigns. Supplier bar spend automation and tracking is a major benefit of your establishment being on the Shared Spirits platform.

Start serving new patrons! With the Shared Spirits Premier Operator Program, you are able to use our Campaign Management Machine©️ to launch proprietary campaigns that are “pay for performance” only. For our monthly subscribers, we share this revolutionary program. Toast POS research shows the average happy hour spend in the US is $68.00. Your menu, when powered by the Shared Spirits platform will drive those profitable patrons to you!  


To start, there are no fixed costs at all when you work with Shared Spirits. You only pay when you upgrade to Premier status. No sign-up fee, maintenance fees or minimums, and no cancellation fees.

Beyond that, our pricing model reflects the fact that we operate in a highly regulated market. Our model is built to be compliant with the regulatory bodies in every state in which we operate. Depending on where your establishment is located, our team will communicate specifics on custom features when requested.

We increase your revenue with new alcohol beverage customers.

The Details

We provide a full set of tools, online tech support, and the phone numbers of the Founders.

  • Training: Receive full training from our team on all of the Shared Spirits Platform tools from the start.
  • Admin seats for your backoffice app: See new drink shares, monitor activity, track redemptions, analyze your patron histories and more.
  • Completely compliant: The Shared Spirits Platform is compliant. It’s a highly regulated environment and we know how to navigate it.
  • Dedicated account manager: Work with a dedicated partner who happens to be a real person. No AI bots serving you nonsense.
  • Customer experience: Our CX team is on call and available via our ticket system within minutes to help you handle any customer questions or issues.
  • Market insights: Direct access to data and insights on the platform, including “To Be Redeemed” reports showing who has yet to come in.
  • Reporting: Reconciliation reports, frequent settlement batches and more to ensure that your team succeeds.


Just in case you were curious, too.


Is this REALLY legal?

Shared Spirits and its model was vetted by industry leading legal teams. The novel way we keep you, our supplier partners, and consumers compliant is proprietary but know this, it's the alcohol business, as a company, you have to have your details taken care of and at Shared Spirits, we do.

How do operators get paid?

Great question! Once partners start redeeming drinks, Shared Spirits receive notifications via our technology every time a drink is redeemed. We send your money automatically via ACH with reports every two weeks or on the schedule you prefer.

How long does it take to get started?

We’ve done it in as little as 48 hours before and since we’re pretty competitive, we’re always trying to beat that record. Generally, you can expect that it will take around 5-7 days, but it depends on a variety of factors. We can give you a better idea once we start talking.

Can I be the exclusive Shared Spirits establishment in my area?

We operate on a marketplace model and our platform is open to all qualified operators. While we do not guarantee exclusivity to any one bar or restaurant in a given area. We’re constantly investing in driving new customers to all of our operator Partners to help grow their business.

Are special permits required to digitize my beverage program?

NO. We carefully control the marketing, age gating, and sale of perceived alcohol sales on the platform. If you have specific questions on the permitting in your state, please reach out to discuss we'll help getting questions answered.

How does Shared Spirits Premium work?

Shared Spirits offers a Premium Subscription model that provides for monthly campaigns, program marketing to your patrons, calls to action for those who have redeemed drinks and other benefits designed to grow your revenue. Learn More!

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