Digital "Liquid to Lips" technology built to grow your brand, your revenue, and your community.


The Shared Spirits platform provides creative beverage marketing via mobile app technology that delivers measurable results and customer data for brands, restaurants, bars, and retail liquor stores.

We help brands leverage their current sampling initiatives, event sponsorships, and marketing spends with an enhancement that builds a proprietary database of people that have sampled their products.

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Case Studies

Miracle One Wine Company
Challenge: Provide on-premise partner with great margins, support, all while building loyal customer base.
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Briggs and Massey Vodka
Challenge: Secure new placement in Nashville's highly competitive bar scene.
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Green Hills Grille
Challenge: Introducing new and previous diners to the establishment by leveraging the beverage program.
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Louie Latour & ETC Restaurant
Challenge: Lift the brand's profile and sales while supporting the visibility of a key on-premise account.
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Top Ten ChatGBT Suggestions for Growing Your Restaurant’s Alcohol Beverage Program
Here at Shared Spirits, we're proud to be bringing advances in beverage alcohol program marketing to the industry. We are delivering a free to use tool to restaurant operators that instantly and compliantly makes drinks buyable, shareable, and redeemable, all on mobile.
Unlock the Flavorful Path to Success: Marketing Your Cocktail Program
Unlock the Flavorful Path to Success: Marketing Your Cocktail Program
From crafting compelling content to leveraging digital platforms and implementing data-driven approaches, we're here to drive your cocktail program to new heights.
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Liquid to Lips and Alcohol Beverage Marketing
Visiting the original point of this post. Liquid to lips and alcohol beverage marketing, you can't live with samplings, and you can't live without them. Your brand has to sample to grow. How you do it is vital. Will your brand step up to the age of tech, machine learning, AI, email marketing, and true customer ownership?
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Three Ways to Grow Your Alcohol Beverage Brand in Nashville
Shared Spirits and their growing team of sales pros is consistent as the day is long. We just don't bail on dates. We even employ staff with guaranteed salaries to make sure there are backups when last minute issues arise for a team member.
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Alcohol Beverage Samplings On-Premise
Failure to stay in marketing touch with your top buyers, or super consumers, as Eddie Yoon calls them, is a profound miss.
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Leading the Target
Our platform and services help provide a contribution to 79.57% of the activities that operators state will help them meet their biggest goals.