Peter Diamandis recently launched a short blog post series around how big companies “turned it around”. We’re fans of Peter’s work, his mission and his devotion to living a life and growing companies that are driven by what he has coined a massively transformative purpose.

What is a massively transformative purpose? 

A simple, clear and powerful vision that ties everything together – it’s simple and that’s what Peter calls a Massively Transformative Purpose or (MTP).

For @SharedSpirits, it’s simple, clear and powerful. We seek to do nothing less than transform the way spirits, wine and beer brands leverage technology data in order to serve their end customers. People like you.

You see, the way it works now it far too complex. Brands in the adult beverage space view the restaurants, bars, and retailers as their actual end customer. They are not the end customer. You and others who actually consume the brand are the end consumers.

Our technology empowers users to share great beverage experiences with each other. It also empowers brands to build relationships via our technology with individuals in ways they have never been able to before. How all this takes place will come clear as we launch and grow. The purpose of this post is to get you thinking about your company, your work, your brand.

Do you have what Peter Diamandis coined a Massively Transformative Purpose? Read more about it here and then #getonthelist! The Shared Spirits list will bring you into an exciting, engaging community of people who love experiences, live life to the fullest and are givers in and to the world. Join us at