Meet This Week’s Spirits Industry Influencer, Contributor Brian Petro

Over the years, we’ve become followers of great writing around spirits, wine and beer. One of the better resources in the space is One of the great writers on the site is Brian Petro. We’re proud to feature his interview with Sherman Mohr in this week’s industry influencer interview […]

Meet a Mark Cuban Company Spirits Industry Influencer, Jay Perkins of Tended Bar

What a pleasure it is to feature Jay Perkins of Tended Bar in this installment of the Shared Spirits Industry Influencer Interview Series. Jay is currently a Nashville resident and I met Jay via mutual friends. I was immediately intrigued with Jay’s story. You’ll understand why very soon! Sherman: Jay, […]

Meet Spirits Industry Influencer, Writer, Consultant, and Lecturer Robin Robinson

It’s my distinct pleasure to be chatting with Robin Robinson today. I first discovered Robin while reading industry trade publications and found him extremely approachable when I reached out to him. We’ve had a couple of ¬†conversations and I’m proud to say I count him as a true resource in […]

Meet Spirits Industry Influencer April Wachtel of Swig and Swallow

Welcome to another installment of Shared Spirits Marketing’s Meet the Influencer Series. There are people in the spirits, wine and beer industries or closely related to it that deserve special attention for their work. ¬†It’s my goal to feature these creative leaders so you can become more familiar with their […]