Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey

In a recent Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey interesting but not surprising results were gleaned from our influencers. 

100% of respondents have bought someone a gift as a thank you or for some other reason.

100% of respondents have sent a gift card like a Starbucks card as a thank you.

46% of respondents have called a restaurant to buy a guest they knew was dining there a bottle of wine.

100% of respondents have purchased someone a gift of spirits, wine or beer.

Using Shared Spirits appWhen asked how often drinks or alcohol were purchased for recipients for any reason:

15% said 2 times a year

46% said Monthy

7% said weekly

32% shared varying frequencies

92% of respondents have a favorite establishment

Lockland Table and Brick Tops were the two top mentions followed by a hit parade of Nashville favorites. 

Patterson House

55 South

Red Pony


Little Octopus

Rolf and Daughters



Old Glory

Cork and Cow

Grays on Main 

Urban Grub

For more information about how to take part in the Shared Spirits Influencer program as a spirits, wine or beer brand, venue, or consumer, message our Co-Founder Sherman Mohr at sherman at shared spirits dot com.