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It’s been a little while since our last update. It’s not for lack of being busy. Over the last three months, our team has been meeting with investor prospects, yep, there is still room in the raise, meeting with users, venues, and brands in the spirits, wine and beer world. […]

Meet Beer Industry Influencer Tyler Gwozdz of Exploding Brand Spiked Seltzer

It’s a great pleasure to feature Tyler Gwozdz of Spiked Seltzer in this installment of our Industry Influencer Interview Series. Tyler and I met some months ago during the course of his launching the Nashville market for Spiked Seltzer. There are some great nuggets in Tyler’s story, enjoy! Sherman: Tyler, […]

Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey

In a recent Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey interesting but not surprising results were gleaned from our influencers.  100% of respondents have bought someone a gift as a thank you or for some other reason. 100% of respondents have sent a gift card like a Starbucks card as a thank […]

Shared Spirits Updates

Dateline April 17th, 2017 We’re having a busy pre-launch season. Great contacts continue to learn of the app and it’s exciting to think about who may be taking part in completing the Shared Spirits angel round. There are some great people taking a look. We are very excited to share […]

Meet Global Wine Industry Influencer Brad Morley of Cana Wine Company

It’s a great pleasure to be chatting with Brad Morley of Cana Wine Company today. Brad is our first wine category industry influencer. You’ll see why when you learn more about his story and his business. It’s Shared Spirits’ mission to share the stories of individuals in the spirits, wine […]

Customer Life Time Value in the Alcohol Business

In today’s world of data collection and loyalty cards it’s a mystery to me that spirits, wine and beer brands, (brands) don’t have a better understanding of what you, the consumer means to them. They give lip service to knowing you. However, they can’t improve something, i.e. a relationship without […]