Customer Life Time Value in the Alcohol Business

In today’s world of data collection and loyalty cards it’s a mystery to me that spirits, wine and beer brands, (brands) don’t have a better understanding of what you, the consumer means to them. They give lip service to knowing you. However, they can’t improve something, i.e. a relationship without […]

Increasing the Value Prop of Touring Artists for Beverage Brands

Upon moving to Nashville some 27 years ago, I had little understanding of the music industry. I was in the alternative/subprime mortgage lending industry at the time. Once I began networking in Nashville, it didn’t take long to gather numerous music industry referrals. It wasn’t a credit issue with these […]

Get the Shared Spirits Bourbon Influencer’s Report

Nashville loves it’s bourbon. It loves its whiskey. Shared Spirits drilled down on this topic aggregating several bourbon brand twitter accounts and moving the most influential of all of them to the top of the list. We then fed the data to a unit of IBM that serves to put […]

Meet Beer Business Bad Ass Neil McCormick of Yazoo Brewery

It is my great pleasure to be joined today by Neil McCormick. Neil is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Yazoo Brewery in Nashville, TN. Yazoo is a iconic in Nashville culture and would be considered the original craft brew trailblazer here in Middle TN. Neil’s work with Yazoo and […]

Alcohol Advertising Changing with the Times

In a highly regulated environment, what is truly possible for a brand in the spirits, wine and beer business when it comes to innovation. It’s a tough world out there in the marketplace. Even with the regulators watching every move, there are still some weird and crazy side deals being […]

Meet Spirits Industry Influencer Travis McVey of Hero’s Vodka

It is my pleasure to be chatting with Travis McVey of Hero’s Vodka today. Travis McVey is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who proudly served as a Presidential Honor Guard from 1989-1992. An innovative and determined entrepreneur, Travis endured the life-changing tragedy of a good friend dying in combat in the War Against […]

Oh, The Business Drink

As I thought about fun things to share with our vast audience of readers today, buying someone a drink was on my mind. Since I seldom do so for any reason other than business, I wanted to drill down on the practice of entertaining clients with drinks. Potential questions? Can […]