Meet Sarah Sebastian. Spirits Industry Influencer and Girl Boss Bad Ass

Welcome to this installment of our Industry Influencer Interview Series. This time around, Sherman features a South Florida connection that should be on your radar. Sarah Sebastian is a Agency Principal and Founder of a couple of extremely cool enterprises. The one that caught our attention was her role in […]

We Know Our Massively Transformative Purpose

Peter Diamandis recently launched a short blog post series around how big companies “turned it around”. We’re fans of Peter’s work, his mission and his devotion to living a life and growing companies that are driven by what he has coined a massively transformative purpose. What is a massively transformative purpose?  […]

Get on the List!

It’s been a little while since our last update. It’s not for lack of being busy. Over the last three months, our team has been meeting with investor prospects, yep, there is still room in the raise, meeting with users, venues, and brands in the spirits, wine and beer world. […]

Meet Beer Industry Influencer Tyler Gwozdz of Exploding Brand Spiked Seltzer

It’s a great pleasure to feature Tyler Gwozdz of Spiked Seltzer in this installment of our Industry Influencer Interview Series. Tyler and I met some months ago during the course of his launching the Nashville market for Spiked Seltzer. There are some great nuggets in Tyler’s story, enjoy! Sherman: Tyler, […]

Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey

In a recent Shared Spirits Spring Influencer Survey interesting but not surprising results were gleaned from our influencers.  100% of respondents have bought someone a gift as a thank you or for some other reason. 100% of respondents have sent a gift card like a Starbucks card as a thank […]