Welcome to this installment of our Industry Influencer Interview Series. This time around, Sherman features a South Florida connection that should be on your radar.

Sarah Sebastian is a Agency Principal and Founder of a couple of extremely cool enterprises. The one that caught our attention was her role in the National Rum Day Festival. This event featured some significant sponsorship for an inaugural event and came with the opportunity to taste some super rums.

Sherman: Sarah, welcome and I’m so looking forward to hearing more about your work. Tell the audience a little about your firm Rose Gold Collective.

Sarah: Rose Gold Collective is a creative, event experience agency. We specialize in connecting brands to their consumers in engaging ways at live events. This year at Tales of the Cocktail we designed and produced over 12 events for numerous brands from elevated seminars to full, immersive, off site activations. Whether it’s a trade show, product launch or sales conference we truly care about the content being delivered and providing creative solutions to create a full sensory experience for the audience . We are a full service boutique agency that can design and produce activations across the globe. What sets us apart is our approach and knowledge in the industry and have relationships with the trade community while integrating technology in everything we do including artificial intelligence.

Sherman: How did you end up in the spirits industry? I’m assuming that’s the connection that lead to the National Rum Day Festival?

Sarah: I actually had a passion within the fashion industry which led me into fashion show production during and right after college which led me to the sponsors of the shows, which were often spirits. About 12 years later and stints on the brand and agency side for brands including: Remy-Cointreau, Beam-Suntory, Agency-EA, Brown-Foreman, Team Enterprises, Grey Goose, Bacardi and a few more. My true passion lies with brands marketing and bringing the brand to life in engaging ways the consumer can organically turn into a brand advocate. And event marketing was then and now the best way to do that. 

Sherman: What is the ultimate vision for the festival? Can you share any details about the event? It was right around the corner at the time of this interview.

Sarah: I created National Rum Day Fest as seeing there is a unique opportunity to connect the trade, consumers and the community over the love of RUM in a way that hasn’t been done before. With modern branding, messaging and two unique platforms- (USBG supported trade seminars during the afternoon and a tiki bar rum fest in the evening), we can come together as rum enthusiasts on what better day but, National Rum Day!  The vision is truly driven to give back to the trade community and the category.

Sherman: What is it you and your firm would most like to do for brands in the spirits, wine and beer space?

Sarah: With our team’s many years experience in the industry working with the trade community, large sponsorship partnerships such as the US Open and Aspen Food and Wine, we offer a unique lens to help brands design and execute programing and events depending on their goals. We recently have produced over 12 events for numerous clients at Tales of the Cocktail this year. We have knowledge of what trade influencers gravitate to and how to integrate education into events and programing.

Sherman: I notice you emphasize a digital play or significant role for technology in the events you’re consulting with; tell us more about your philosophy there?

Sarah: Events now a days “don’t happen” unless they live somehow digitally. Every live program we design and produce we include a PRE, Live and Post strategy. Whether that is social media, a website, or simply connecting a digital campaign to the program.

Sherman: Do you consider yourself a collaborator? What is an example of how your firm partners with clients or other experts?

Sarah: I bring over 10 years experience in brand marketing, working on the agency and client side. When someone produces corporate events globally for influencers, clients and VIP, collaboration is key. I believe ‘just OK is never OK.’ and partnering or collaborating with the right technologies or organizations makes a lot of things better. One great example is the collaboration with the local USBG chapter for this year’s National Rum Day Festival.

Sherman: One final request. How best might our audience reach out to you and who would you most want to be connected to right now? Let’s help her out people!

Sarah: I appreciate it Sherman. The best way to reach me and the team at Rose Gold Collective is via the website at www.rosegoldcollective.com or follow us on Instagram.