Shared Spirits of Nashville, TN is poised to launch the first industry specific influencer/ambassador marketing platform for the spirits, wine and beer industries. It shares this announcement with key groups of industry influencers knowing that key connections in important markets may wish to leverage the platform for their brands, key accounts, bar and restaurant partners and distributors.

The platform allows for Shared Spirits to leverage brand marketing dollars in ways that traditional agencies have never been able. Marketing dollars attached to brand ambassadors, key on-premise accounts, social media marketing and other hard to track spends are now highly tied to performance. Key features of the platform allow for post experience/event marketing to specific individuals, event partnerships, post event/experience push to retail after on-premise marketing and more.

If you’re a brand interested in seeing your product on the shelf and on the cocktail or wine menu of your most important establishments a demo of the platform is in order. If you’re an establishment where cocktails, fine wine, and craft beer experiences mean something to your customers and would like to see your customers empowered with a new tool to share their love for your restaurant or bar, a demo is in order.

Cost for integration for most restaurants and bars is zero dollars. Yes, zero dollars. Special benefits are available to PosiTouch, Dinerware and Micros POS System users as we launch.

To learn more and schedule a demo, contact CEO and Co-Founder Sherman Mohr via the form below. In the message area, suggest a couple of times and dates that may work for you.

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Our Explainer Video Shares a High Level View of  the Consumer Experience