Social Tech Case Studies

Increasing the Value Prop of Touring Artists for Beverage Brands

Upon moving to Nashville some 27 years ago, I had little understanding of the music industry. I was in the alternative/subprime mortgage lending industry at the time. Once I began networking in Nashville, it didn’t take long to gather numerous music industry referrals. It wasn’t a credit issue with these […]

Alcohol Advertising Changing with the Times

In a highly regulated environment, what is truly possible for a brand in the spirits, wine and beer business when it comes to innovation. It’s a tough world out there in the marketplace. Even with the regulators watching every move, there are still some weird and crazy side deals being […]

Connecting with Millennials?

When it comes to occasions for drinking spirits, Millennials are most likely to drink for social reasons, while older generations were more likely to drink spirits for themselves. Generation X reported a 50/50 split between social occasions and “only by myself,” and Boomers skewed even more towards “only by myself.” […]