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Meet Future Wine Industry Superstar Marisa Sergi of RedHead Wine

Welcome to this installment of the Shared Spirits Marketing Industry Influencer Interview Series. Our desire is to share personal stories and interviews of the people behind or associated with spirits, wine and beer brands. These great stories provide context to the narrative of authentic brands. Made up stories aren’t really […]

Meet Industry Influencer and Tequila Brand CEO Jason Fandrich. He Reminds us to “Cuestion Everything”

In this week’s industry influencer interview series, we feature Jason Fandrich, CEO of Cuestion Tequila. Jason is an entertainment industry and spirits industry veteran sitting at the helm of one of what will soon be one of the world’s hottest tequila brands. Sherman:  Jason, it’s a great pleasure to be […]

Meet Global Wine Industry Influencer Brad Morley of Cana Wine Company

It’s a great pleasure to be chatting with Brad Morley of Cana Wine Company today. Brad is our first wine category industry influencer. You’ll see why when you learn more about his story and his business. It’s Shared Spirits’ mission to share the stories of individuals in the spirits, wine […]

Meet One of Tennessee Whiskey’s Oldest Brands. Andy and Charlie Nelson of Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery

It’s a great pleasure to feature the Nelson Brothers of Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery(@TNWhiskeyCo) located in Nashville, TN. These guys and their family have a heritage and history in the whiskey business unlike anyone else. It’s a great story. Enjoy! Sherman: For the benefit of our readers, share what business were […]

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Five Tips When Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In the Ebook titled The Value of Influence: The Ultimate Guide to Influence Marketing written by Nick Hayes Principal, Influencer50 Inc., and Co-author, Influencer Marketing: Who Really Influences Your Customers?; Nick Hayes defines influence marketing this way. Influence marketing is an updated approach to marketing and public relations where you target the […]