Today we welcome to the Shared Spirits Industry Influencer Interview Buca the Great, The Beverage Industry’s Ultimate Ambassador.

You might ask how does one position themselves as the “Ultimate Ambassador”? It takes moxie and vision. You’ll learn more about those as it pertains to Buca as we go through the interview.

Buca is the host of Buca’s Quest for the Best. A happy hour oriented podcast that features craft brands in the wine, spirits and beer worlds. The show goes on the road in Mid May and will feature 6 months on the road with stops in 25 different cities and at least 100 venues. Buca’s Quest is all about finding the country’s best happy hour. Shared Spirits is a proud sponsor of the national tour.

Sherman: Buca, welcome to the interview! I’m thrilled to get to feature the industry’s ultimate ambassador. Tell our readers a little more about your past. You’ve played in some spirits related areas in the past.

Buca: Sherman thanks for having me! My entire working career has been in Direct Sales. I spent the first ten years promoting brands through the Network Marketing model of Direct Sales and the last seven years have been focused on developing and promoting products through the direct to consumer model.

Sherman: What lead you to creating and airing content online and in podcast form?

Buca:  After almost two decades I decided it was time to go in a new direction and so I made a list of all the things I love that I could possibly turn into a career and as expected there were dozens of things on the list and as I read the list three items stood out and they were all from the same arena; those three things were bourbon, beer and wine. So I decided to put my two decades in product promotion to work promoting small-to-medium sized adult beverage producers; I launched a live vlog talk show called Buca’s Quest, where I interview the owners of small-to-medium sized adult beverage companies and during the interview I  sample and review their products.

Sherman: Have you been looking to feature a certain kind of brand to feature on your podcast? Big, small, regionally important?

Buca:  Absolutely it’s those small-to-medium sized distilleries, wineries and vineyards. The “craft” world if you will. There are amazing products hidden throughout this country, products most folks have never heard of and will most will not have the opportunity to try and it is my hope to expose adult beverage drinkers around the country and the world to these incredible brands.

Sherman: What is the world is possessing you to travel 6 months out of your life to visit more than 75 happy hours and over 100 venues?  It’s kind of a dream for many of us.

Buca: My wife and I love happy hour. In most instances it’s a great time to sample spirits, beers or wines you may not normally have and we also love to travel. That’s when it hit me. I thought, how cool would it be to travel the country in a motorcoach, visit great happy hour locations, enjoy fantastic adult beverages, meet interesting people and promote the hell out of great brands. That’s how Buca’s Quest For The Best Happy Hour ’18 was born.

Sherman: Tell us something about your tour. Aside from Shared Spirits, you’ve got some early sponsors. Who else is excited to go along for the ride?

Buca:The thing I want everyone to know about “Bucas Quest For The Best Happy Hour ’18” is that it’s not about going to happy hour to get hammered. It is about enjoying great venues and great drinks and doing so responsibly; it is our belief when it comes to enjoying these beverages that it’s not about how much you drink but enjoying the quality of what you drink.

As it comes to Sponsors, we are stoked to be working with Shared Spirits and we’re also thrilled to have the Hooters Casino in Las Vegas providing the winner of “Buca’s Best Happy Hour ’18” with not one but two rooms for 4 days and 3 nights; then there’s Tournament Games that is developing the BUCA mobile app that people will be able to get in the Apple Store and on Google Play. With the app they’ll be able to not only follow the Tour but interact with it in real time and also benefit from promotions exclusively for those who have downloaded the app. I don’t want to forget to mention the “Where’s Buca?” segment that will be heard each week on the nationally syndicated radio program “Think! America”

We are still looking for Sponsors.  What I’m most excited about, is what we are able to offer our sponsors.  In just two months we’ve gone from nothing to a cumulative social media reach of over 3 million, a radio broadcast reach of more than 10 million, an app that will provide daily promotion of our sponsors and a traveling billboard (our wrapped motorcoach) that will be on the road for 180 straight days, traveling for more than 20,000 miles across 30 States and visiting 25 major cities. Our sponsors will literally be promoted 24/7 for 180 days straight.

Sherman: One of the key reasons we’re so excited at Shared Spirits about sponsoring you is your work ethic. There has been massive work in planning your trip, arranging the venues, the media exposure, the prize packages, the media production and more. How would potential sponsors best connect with you to learn more about how to participate?

Buca:  Simple, email Absolutely, I want people to download the Shared Spirits App in the Apple Store and on Google Play; it is going to be a crucial part of the Tour. The Shared Spirits App will enable me to not only share drinks with those in attendance but those watching live online as well.

Sherman: Share with us all of your social handles and one final thing, what might have I missed? Anything you wish to share that I didn’t cover?

Buca: Our handle across all social media is @BucasQuest.

Sherman: This has been great Buca! What a blast this tour is going to be! Many thanks for sharing it with us and the Shared Spirits audience.