A new way to market spirits, wine, and craft beer experiences

It’s been the vision of Shared Spirits from day one to revolutionize the way brands in the spirits, wine, and craft beer world build relationship with their end consumers. It’s a fact that industry wide, the only true measure of success or failure a brand has is case count. Cases of product, delivered to a distributor, reporting results back to the brands is the way the industry measures success. Technology has the potential to revolutionize that game.

The consumer’s “pathway to purchase” is passively influenced by major spends by brands attempting to share narrative in the form of commercials, stories, print ads, some social, and on site promos. Basically, it’s a traditional ad spend that dates back to 1960. Brands have a decent “persona” of their end user but have no relationship with he/she.

Shared Spirits is changing that. Agencies that have proposed multi-millions in ad spending for merchandise that retailers and bars can’t begin to store or giveaway are going to have to embrace a new set of tools.

Social isn’t the answer. You have perceived relationship with a consumer when you interact socially on networks but you really don’t have the holy grail of transactional data. Enter Shared Spirits. Check out our explainer video and you’ll understand what the future of business to consumer relationships for the spirits, wine, and beer industry looks like.

Visit SharedSpirits.com to opt in for first user access to the app and join the venue waiting list.

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